Questions To Ask Your Realtor When Selling

Whether this is the first house you’re selling, or you just need a refresher, here are the five main topics to discuss with your Realtor before putting your home on the market.

1)  Ask About Experience

 It’s important to ask your Realtor about their general and specialized experience — the latter in particular if your home has unique features that should factor into your marketing strategy, or if there are specific rules such as with waterfront or shoreline property.

2)  Ask About Photography

 A picture is truly worth a thousand words, so ask if your agent uses professional photography. Professional photos will elevate your home’s appeal and can absolutely boost your frequency of showing

— and just one extra showing could be your buyer! We take professional photos for all of our listings, at no cost to our clients.

3)  Ask About Staging

 This element of listing is more important than you think! A good agent can either a) stage the listing themselves, or b) bring in a pro to guide you. Make sure to show your home in the best light by decreasing clutter and excess furniture. Full staging might not be required; even small adjustments of existing furniture and a few pieces of decor can do a world of difference! We can provide guidance and pieces of furniture if needed.

4)  Ask About Inspections

 While inspections are generally done by the buyer, it’s beneficial to inspect your property before listing as well. Spending a few hundred bucks to find out that you have elevated radon in the air before listing is far better than having it show up unexpectedly in the buyer’s inspection report, and will cost much less for you to deal with on your own. These reports can also ease many unknowns for both parties and result in cleaner offers and quicker closings.

5)  Ask About Marketing

 The more people who know about the sale of your home, the higher the chance of you finding a buyer! If you use social media, you can create a post about your home being on the market with a tag and link to your agent for inquiries. We use a robust social media marketing strategy, so you can share the posts we create as well!

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