We get it — we love calling Midcoast Maine home, too.

Even if you’re “from away,” it’s impossible not to feel the magic of the Maine coast. In the salt air, everchanging water and the friendly faces. We were fortunate enough to have the unique experiences you can only find growing up on the coast of Maine.

From mowing lawns for summer homes and running take-out in an outboard to visiting sailboats to starting a paper route and selling bait from a float in the harbor to local fishermen, we’ve never shied away from a day of hard work building the communities that helped raise us. This work ethic and creative problem-solving skills, instilled in us early on can be found in every project we put our hands on even to this day.

While attending college out of state, we gained vital learning experiences both on and off-campus. Working at a moving company gave behind-the-scenes looks at all styles of houses and boots-on-the-ground commercial Real Estate experience when cities like Portland were just first coming into their own, we have been deeply involved in all things Real Estate for decades.

With almost 20 years of experience in the real estate and vacation rental industry at her fingertips, Fletcher is uniquely positioned to help both buyers and sellers navigate the ebbs and flows of any type of real estate transaction.

Fletcher launched SummerMaine (now City and Harbor Real Estate) in 2006 at her kitchen table, and has grown it into one of the most successful and well-reviewed vacation rental and Real Estate brokerage firms in Maine. Fletcher spent her summers in Tenants Harbor, baiting bags, waiting tables, running take-out in an outboard from the Cod End restaurant to boats moored in the harbor, and mowing the lawns of the magnificent summer houses. She always imagined what those homes were like inside and that imagination was the foundation of a career in all things hospitality and Real Estate.

She left Maine to attend The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey and spent her college years in Massachusetts at Babson and graduated from the University of Southern Maine’s Honors College with a degree in Journalism and Media Criticism. She was called to return to her roots after graduation. Fletcher is a true New Englander, raised with a strong Yankee work ethic and commitment to her community. She is a good neighbor above all things who cares deeply about the people who live and work in the Midcoast. Her network of contacts runs deep; these are professional and personal relationships built on a long history of trust, understanding, and mutual reliance.

As a licensed Realtor and Broker, Fletcher is experienced in buying and selling Real Estate on behalf of hundreds of clients over the past 15 years. She is well-versed in all areas of brokerage and her unique understanding of the local markets makes her an invaluable resource to anyone wishing to transact Real Estate business in the Midcoast. She knows why feel compelled to spend all your days among the natural beauty and slower rhythms of this sublime place.

Fletcher lives in Rockland’s South End and Tenants Harbor with her husband and business partner Michael, their daughter Charley and their three dogs, Charlotte, Mac and Katie. She enjoys spending time on the water with her friends and family aboard their boat “Willowmere” and is an avid runner and skier. She has served on the Rockland City Council’s Short Term Rental Task Force, Trekkers “Fired Up” Steering Committee and sits on the Trekkers Board of Directors, the Maine Women’s Network Board of Directors and the General Henry Knox Museum’s Board of Directors.

Michael obtained his Maine RE License in 1996 and has practiced professionally as a Realtor and invested in Real Estate since. His business interests have also included private capital lending, historic tax credit entitled development projects and he has been involved in a number of technology startups. Between 2000 and 2010 he served as the Co-Founder and CEO of Symphonix/Bridge Dialog and CenterPoint, contact solution providers with locations in US, Canada and Europe. Ultimately, Michael returned to his true passion of Real Estate and he and Fletcher have worked to build City & Harbor into one of the premier concierge Real Estate Brokerage offices in Maine.

Michael attended the University of Georgia and Providence College where he was a Division 1 collegiate athlete in the sport of golf. When not on the golf course or showing property, Michael loves to be on the ski mountain or water with his kids and wife Fletcher – an eye to the horizon, seeking out their next project and adventure together.

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