Search for Realtors First, Get Wife’s Approval Later*

Now, we’d never lead you astray when it comes to real estate advice, but this method may not work for everyone!

Michael actually contacted Realtors at The Landings (hey, Christy and Gus!) roughly eight months before floating the idea by me of purchasing a retirement home before we are ready to retire. But just like we knew Skidaway was home as soon as we saw it, we knew Christy and Gus would be the perfect real estate team to help us purchase a property at The Landings.

How We Chose Our Realtors

As an experienced Realtor himself, Michael knew the qualities to look for when choosing Realtors somewhere brand new — someone who knew the local area, and who had an understanding of real estate and local real estate laws. In addition to all of the things we wanted our retirement home to have lifestyle-wise (vicinity to golf courses, boating, dining and downtown), we also needed to make sure we were able to purchase the property using a Short-Term Rental (STR) mortgage — they’re not available everywhere!

We’re so glad Michael found Christy and Gus! In addition to being local and having a wealth of real estate knowledge, they’re a husband-and-wife team just like us. As a two-for-one real estate team, we know the benefits this provides our clients over a lone agent, and they could help us in similar ways. If we had a question and one person wasn’t able to get back to us, the other could; two sets of eyes looking for properties for us (for a grand total of eight eyes searching for our dream retirement home!), all while providing the local guidance future snowbirds like us needed to feel confident in our decision.

If you want to be our future neighbors in Georgia, reach out to Christy and Gus to learn how you can purchase your retirement home with a STR mortgage by emailing: [email protected]

And if you want to do something similar on the coast of Maine, give us a call at 207-542-0412 or 207-450-4514, send an email to [email protected], or fill out the form on our website to tell us what you’re looking for.

* City + Harbor cannot be held liable for any couple quarrels that may result from attempting this method.

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