April 2024

It Wasn’t Clickbait — We Really Bought a House Without Seeing It First

Although we're real estate experts, we were still fish out of water when trying to buy a home somewhere we weren't familiar with. What's the best neighborhood? Where's the nearest grocery store? Are there any properties we should avoid because all the local kids claim it's haunted? And because we are still living and working in Maine, we weren't able to do a lot of house hunting ourselves. That is why...

Search for Realtors First, Get Wife’s Approval Later*

Now, we'd never lead you astray when it comes to real estate advice, but this method may not work for everyone! Michael actually contacted Realtors at The Landings (hey, Christy and Gus!) roughly eight months before floating the idea by me of purchasing a retirement home before we are ready to retire. But just like we knew Skidaway was home as soon as we saw it, we knew Christy and Gus would be the...

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